3 ways to drop hints for the jewelry you want for the Holidays!

3 ways to drop hints for the jewelry you want for the Holidays!

The biggest holidays of the year are fast approaching. Do you have a few jewelry accessories you have been eyeing? This is the time to get your wish-list heard by your loved ones. First create a wish list with your favorite Jewelry Stylist (Fanci Diva) so she will have all the details ready for your family. Now, here are the top 3 ways to drop hints for those amazing jewelry pieces you want for the holidays:

 1. Share it on Facebook

Yes, Facebook is the perfect way to drop a hint or two to let your loved ones know exactly what you. Usually, they can't go a day without checking Facebook and of course they will see your post!

2. Photo on Instagram

Instagram is another great way to faintly drop hints to the people who want to get you something for the holidays. Go now... upload those photos of the jewelry you want for the holidays. #hashtag it and tag!

 3. Simply Spill the Beans 

While chatting it up with family and friends just simply drop it in the conversation, of course, in a direct and nice way "I would love some of these hot $5 accessories from my girl Fanci Diva Collection" that's a better way to through your hint.

The holidays are just around the corner. Forget to say "Thank You!" when you do get that special gift. Looking to add to your wish list? We invite you to check out our selection of jewelry, perfect for holiday gift giving. 

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