Get YOUR Jewelry Fix with Our FASHION FIX Collections!

Fashion Fix
Ever feel like you need fashion advice? For example have you ever thought, "What bracelet matches this necklace?" or "I would love a complete look but I have no idea where to start!". Well, your worries are over with Paparazzi's Fashion Fix!

Paparazzi Accessories Fashion Fix is made up of Five Trend Blends. These Trend Blends each contain 4 coordinating pieces of jewelry and accessories. This takes all the hassle of finding and pairing separate pieces by providing all of that in one kit! And the best part, as with anything Paparazzi, each piece is only $5 which means each Trend Blend is only $20!

One of the best parts of the Fashion Fix is that it features NEW styles and NEW designs EVERY MONTH! So you know you are getting the latest and greatest styles, trends, and look!

Paparazzi's Fashion Fix is divided up into 5 different categories. This makes it easy for you, the customer, to know which Trend Blends you would particularly like. 

You can figure out which category best suits simply by thinking about what stores you love to go to shop.